Business Web Developer: Side Business for Employees

Interested in running a web developer business? An employee and an office officer would want to have a side business to increase income. In my opinion, a side business that matches an employee should meet these criteria; Do not disturb the main work hours and do not have to go far to get orders.

One of the professions that meet the criteria mentioned above is to become a web Developer (website maker). Web Developer referred to here is someone who has expertise to create professional website, not just create a Web page. Running a web developer business is an interesting tool as one of the side businesses for employees.

Some of the reasons for business Web developers are as follows:

The price of a professional website ranges from Rp 500 thousand S/d 10 million.
To get enough buyers to use, Facebook, Kaskus, Toko Bagus, Google, or through its own website. This means you can still order even if you are busy meeting/working as an employee.
Making the website can be done at home and outside business hours (the length of website between 1 day S/d 1 week only).

When done, simply use the email then your work is up to the buyer's hand.
Payment can be made by transfer.
Therefore, taking advantage of business opportunities as a professional Web Developer is an interesting solution. The next question is "how much capital is required to make a website?". If you are a professional web developer then the capital to make a website is only Rp 300 thousand. You will spend on paying the Domain (the name of a website) and Hosting (a website file storage service).

The Website that you sell at the lowest price of Rp 500 thousand is usually completed within 1 day. Because the client is not allowed to ask for sorts. Worth the price. Imagine the advantage when you get an order worth 10 million, if the cost you spend is still the same. Of course the quality of the website is worth Rp 10 million different from the price of only Rp 500 thousand.

Website worth Rp 500 thousand is usually made with templates (WordPress, Joomla, etc.), which is limited in terms of design and functions. Just like when you buy a shirt in a classy designer. Or buy clothes on a wholesale basis. The clothes you buy in a designer are usually only you who have the model of the suit. While buying wholesale clothes many people have the same clothes as you.

Want to run a Web Developer business, where is the learning place?
Next you'll want to know. Where can you get a professional web course? Before you choose a good web course place, take a look at some of the things you should know:

1. How long the course place has stood

If the place has stood for a long time, then chances are you are disappointed to be very small because the web course is serious with the business. What more if it has stood more than 10 years (according to research, 90% of companies went bankrupt within 10 yearstanding).

2. Many successful graduates

When we decide to course, whatever the purpose, we certainly want to successfully master the material we want. If the graduates of the course are still few. Or even no one accomplished then should be careful. In cyberspace people take advantage of opportunities within the striction.

3. Choose a teacher who is a practitioner

Experienced teachers make phenomenal projects easier to share in your knowledge because he has felt the salt acid being a web developer. Make sure you study in a Web course where teachers are practitioners and have quality work.

4. Awards and recognition of other parties

What trophies/awards have ever been achieved? And is the Web course where it engages in important events in the field of Web developers? If the course has been recognised and appreciated by many, you do not need to check the venue.

Because it has been done by the far more competent parties. If the course is not credible and is still new. Then be careful with your choice.

5. Flexible Learning Time

One of our failures when the course is that sometimes we are busy doing other things, such as sudden meetings, attending a friend's wedding, business trips abroad, and so on. The activity happened to clashing with the course schedule and made us study.

Usually once a bolos, ultimately the continuity so that it makes us not focus in learning. For that, find a course with a schedule that can be arranged according to your busy days.

6. Course can be started without waiting for full class

Momentum is very important. If you've decided on a course but it turns out that the course is opening a class with the requisite number of specific people then the result is you have to wait. If you wait until there are other participants, chances are your desire for a Web course goes out.

I think that one of the professional web courses and meet the above criteria is If you are interested in becoming a professional web developer, please visit and learn the website carefully. Do not directly trust the information I provide. I've also written an article about Baba Studio,

Running a web developer business that provides additional income is the dream of every employee and office employee. Well, to get started of course you must have capital, be it a material capital or a capital of expertise. If you are interested in becoming a web developer, you should start to set aside income to learn so that later you will have the expertise of creating professional websites that you can sell.

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