7 Business Opportunities With Small Capital

Currently our country is being confronted with a difficult economy. The price of goods is increasingly expensive and either when this economic problems could end up. But no need to lament the fate because you can start your own business with its own capital. Many people argue that opening a business must first have a lot of money.

Who says opening a business must have a capital of hundreds of millions? There are many business opportunities that can be run with small capital, anything? This is it?

1. open a coffee shop

Almost everyone likes to drink coffee. Warkop small does not need capital more than 500 thousand if established by the roadside, or even in your own home page. The concept could be sitting cross-legged or stalls that sell a wide range of snacks and drinks that make primary literacy, i.e. coffee. Warkop will be invaded by neighbors and acquaintances before they go to work.

There are many needs to be bought but the price is not expensive. A banner bearing the name of your warkop, kitchen utensils and a stove to warm the food. Keep in mind, the risk that often occurs is the leftovers that aren't sold.

2. Selling the electronic voucher

These days, who doesn't have a mobile phone? Almost everyone has a cell phone because the price is affordable, and increasingly the internet had entered the village. You can try a business selling voucher because all hp need it. Moreover, the current minimum deposit required for selling a voucher is not so expensive.

Needed is just a mobile phone that can send the electronic pulses to phone buyers. The usual mobile phones can also be used and does not necessarily have to be a smartphone.

3. Selling fried foods

Snack-seller this race favored by anyone. As a side business opportunities, selling fried foods can be performed while in the afternoon, after work. No matter the material is easily obtainable and cheap price. Starting from the idea to the fried tempe, this business opportunity does not require a lot of capital to get started.

The greatest capital for this business opportunity is buy carts and tools including the gas tube and the frying pan. For the ingredients themselves are fairly easy to come by and the price is quite cheap. As a bonus, the fried favored children and old people, poor or rich! So, Your market share is very wide open to all walks of life.

4. Receive Order Cakes

You love to make a cake? Make this penchant as a business opportunity. Many people love the taste of sweet food but lazy to make it myself. Cake orders do not require a lot of capital because of the cost that you have to remove the hinges on his message. You also don't have to pay rent and so forth.

This business opportunity requires you to buy an oven to bake bread. But there is a great selection of traditional oven that it's cheap. In addition, you can ask for payment upfront to buy the materials needed.

5. Become a Dropshipper

Currently, the online shop increasingly mushrooming. You can open up opportunities in the virtual world by becoming a dropshipper. Does not require that you have a stock of goods at home, this extremely profitable dropshipper system because you will book order from the buyer to a third party. And this third party that will send the goods to the buyer. Minimize the risk of the dropshipper ' dead ' or not sold, as it does not require stock items.

There are many types of business can be done with the system the dropshipper. For example, clothes, accessories, electronics, and more. Trouble became the dropshipper is, making the consumer believe your service. When deception is languid, very important to create a positive image and doing business honestly in order to gain any customers.

6. Write a Blog

Many private blogs are popping up in a variety of themes, from traveling to culinary. Many are willing to write the information, spending a lot of time photographing the object until it is good without getting paid?

The advantage of writing a good blog and much visited by netizen banjirnya is the demand from advertisers for placing a banner on your website. Business opportunities that are popular and cheap current capitalization is by writing a blog. There are many free website making service that could be tried like wordpress.com or blogspot.com.

With high quality and relevant content, ads will appear automatically after the on setting. From this blog you could earn a living.

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7. Become an Endorser

You know the term selebgram? Instagram users who have a follower thousands to even hundreds of thousands to millions. The selebgram this is called the endorser. Not solely have to be artists, but the account owner that his follower Instagram quite a lot.

Every day, the endorser gets the shipment of the products from the seller, for the advertised on Instagram them. For starters, you don't need to ask for payment but to the already large scale.

Smart Viewing Opportunities

There are still a lot of business opportunities that could be run only by capitalization 500 thousand only. For that, you have to be observant look at the opportunities. A variety of ease of finding information you can take advantage of to

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