App Development, How To Become an Application Developer

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App Development, Smartphone scrolling allows us to perform all activities, such as in the field of service and booking services and in addition to hardware functions. The software or application is instrumental in the usability of the smartphone, so wait no more?

Want to be a good Android developer? The following are:

1. Basic knowledge of JAVA & XML

This knowledge is very important to friends because Java language is considered as a basic programming language for Android application development. If you have never learned Java but suddenly you are coding you will certainly have difficulties, concepts such as Class, Package, access modifier (public/private/protected) and other concepts you should learn first.
XML is a widely used markup language for various purposes. XML is used in Webservice, configuration, Layout and various other purposes in the programming world. XML is actually not hard to learn, which you need to understand only the basic rules rules and how to write XML and how to read it, master these two.
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2. Selection of Tools to be used

Android Studio or Eclipse?
These two tools are frequently used tools,
But as technology evolves in the IT world, Android programmers use Android Studio more. Android Studio is an official IDE for Android development. In addition, Android Studio is the development of Eclipse, so it has many newer features than Eclipse. Only, Android Studio consumes more RAM than Eclipse.
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3. Latest Android Library Selection

Use the library function in Android Studio, to accelerate the workmanship of the application development project on Android, we usually do not escape from using open source libraries that are helpful in the development of our application. Because of the many libraries available on GitHub and others we sometimes get confused about determining which libraries we'll be using. It is very important we update the information about the function of this library by considering several factors such as:

A. Functional

We have to choose a library that has enough functionality for our application, such as one library with just one library.

B. Read Me & Quick Start

We should check Read Me and Quick Start from the library because it is very helpful at all.
Since each library has different methods and usage techniques, choose a simple and efficient way to learn it, so as not to spend time learning to integrate the library into our application.

C. Source Code

Source code of the library is available or in the form of open source, because when we have to customize to the needs of the application we can browse the methods that exist in the library.

D. Visualization

Visualizing the libraries are video tutorials, screenshots, application demos that use the library, and the real apps that are in Playstore that use the library. Based on this we strongly give credibility to the capabilities of the library.

E. Documentation

The Library is created with a good documentation that shows the existing classes and references that we can access as easily as possible in order to support the process of learning and integration of libraries with our application.

F. Community & Activity History

If the library is very long not updated or there are many issues, it can be considered in the selection of libraries because it concerns the development of our application in the future concerned with the library.

4. Searching for references

To be a good developer we recommend that friends always update information with the latest things in the Android world, in various ways such as
Visit several website sites that provide the latest sources of information.
Follow a community or forum to exchange opinions or views with other developers.
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5. Work in teams

Some people like to work alone, but it would be better to work together because some aspects can be worked together, how not if friends have a team that can cover one another's shortcomings, will certainly be more effective and According to the target that friends will reach.

So what do you need to watch in building a solid, effective, and efficient Dev Team? Some things to note include:

Vision & Mission and clear targets
Intense Communication & Quality
Directed skill specialisation
Availability of shared time
Creativity and self-development

6. Prioritize quality from on quantity

Some developers have thought that more and more applications are being developed and they will be more successful, but unfortunately this is rare. Better developers invest their time to create one quality app than make 3 apps of average quality.
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7. Think Business terms

Most developers only focus on technology when developing applications. If the app is paid then you should think about your target market and whether your app is viewable by Android users. If the app is free then you should think about how to make a profit with premium content or ads.

8. Understanding Android Architecture

Create Android apps that have the rules of the game for example design, components, patterns, and much more. It's a good idea to start by understanding what Android is and how to develop the design. Of course you do not want to create an Android application that is market not because of that, you have to come up with a different unique design and interesting. In order to realize this, you need to understand the Android architecture first.

9. User Interface and Experience

Another important thing in application creation is display and usage, a number of web like Android Niceties, Android Holo Color Generator, Android UI & UX, and Android Asset Studio can be accessed to help app development by Android Developer Beginners.
A developer must be well aware of designing a user interface between users and the system is a matter of being examined. This aims at how to pamper users in appearance and usability of the functions made, a developer should consider the user in terms of usage.
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10. Lifelong Learning

A developer needs to be sensitive to the technological developments that are progressively progressively to compensate for the matter, the developer is required to learn something new every day.
To eliminate the distance between hardware and software technology.
Therefore learn how to make an application quite simple or complex you can do it anywhere, you can learn online or offline.
Reference places of study Udemy.

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