How To Start a Blog For Free

How To Start a Blog For Free

Currently, the blog has transformed into one of the facilities that can play a vital role in marketing activities. Furthermore, integrating blogs with company websites is an effective way of optimizing business growth.

In small businesses, blogs have the potential to be one of the most important elements in helping the business grow. The reason is, business blogs do not cost large, versatile, easy to manage, flexible and "sell".

Here are seven practical steps on how to create a business blog:

1. Define Blog Goals

Like getting married, before going further is very good if we determine the goal first. Determine if your business blog will be a place to tell the stories of entrepreneurship, sell your products/services, share tips, promote or aggregate all of them?

TopRank Marketing CEO, Lee Odden, suggests that blogs for small businesses are aimed at supporting the company's website, serving as a landing page, provider of small business tips and becoming a marketing tool.

2. Choose your Blog Platform

After determining a clear goal for your blog, determining what blog platform to use is how to create your next blog. Many people will advise you to use WordPress as a business blog platform. As far as this is known, WordPress is indeed a platform that provides many plugins, and is very friendly with SEO (so your website is ranked one Google search results).

The best Platform recommended after WordPress is Blogger then a blog that is oriented a lot in share via social media, TUMBLR.

3. Choose your own Web Hosting and Domain

How to make a business blog next is choosing a web hosting for your blog. Websites like GoDaddy or Register provide web hosting services with certain packages. By using your own domain, the credibility of your website and blog will increase and also be more SEO friendly.

4. Design your own Blog

The next step is to design your own blog. The design of this blog is in fact inseparable from the website design, and the design should be good (this is the result if your website design is bad).

In determining the design of a blog or website, at least you can consider important things such as having to be mobile friendly, his pictures must be of high resolution, have video content, load pages quickly, navigate easily, uncomplicated and Display Customer Testimonials (if any).

5. Create a content plan

A matching pair for purpose is a plan. It's time for you to plan any content, what and on the channel where your content will be spread or published.

One part of planning is researching the keywords that will be used in the blog content. You can use tools like Google's Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. You can also use paid tools like, WordTracker and

6. Easy to share

The easiest way to make your blog easier to share more broadly is to always be responsive to comments from readers and make sure your content is spread across social media channels that are relevant to your business. If you want to write about a small business it's a good idea to crosspost your blog content on LinkedIn Pulse that is currently increasingly accounted for as a source of reading to form and be considered to have credibility among executives.

By being a responsive blog manager, readers will be rewarded with opinion/existence even if it is only replied with a short comment. Meanwhile, regularly disseminating your blog content on social media channels that are periodically and continuously making it easier for new readers to find your content.

7. Form a team for blogs

Who will manage your business blog? Of course a team should be solid and fun. At least you should have an editor that will curate the writings of your writers. The most important thing is that they should have a passion for doing this job because the management of a blog takes dedication and commitment that is not playing.

Don't worry if you don't have enough human resources to develop a business blog because you can easily hire the services of creative writers at Sribulancer. Or, you can also rent my services, it's also okay.

The good news is that Sribulancer provides a comprehensive package. You can create a blog website, company profile website, e-commerce website, SEO services, article writing services, and social media marketing services. Through these packages, your business blog is guaranteed to be able to broadcast effectively quickly. Interesting not

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