How to Overcome a Laptop or Computer Slow and Its Causes

 How to Overcome a Laptop or Computer Slow and Its Causes

The problem of a laptop or computer that is slow in working is often detrimental to its users. A lot of work that is not completed due to the performance of a computer or laptop that is very slow. 

There are several things that cause your computer to run slowly. Here's how to keep a laptop or computer from being slow anymore.

Here are some of the reasons why the computer or laptop becomes slow, please read one by one and try applying it on your computer. Because the following six factors are common or frequent factors.

How to Overcome a Laptop or Computer Slow and Its Causes

1. Temp files that are too large

When we access the Internet through our computer, the computer will store some data into a temp folder. When this folder is already very large, it could be that this will slow down the performance of your computer. 

The easiest way is to clean the folder using the 'Ccleaner' software. To download ccleaner, go to the following link =>

how to run, install the ccleaner that you have downloaded, open the ccleaner application, then click analyze, wait until the process is complete. After that, to clean the temp file, click the run cleaner button.

2. Too many programs installed

How to Overcome a Laptop or Computer Slow and Its Causes

Sometimes we pay less attention to this point, we often install software that is not too important for our work. As a result, the computer will run a lot of programs when the computer is first turned on. Obviously this weighs heavily on the computer.

How to overcome it is very easy, you can uninstall applications that are not too important in the control panel or didisable the application so that it does not run when the computer is turned on, how to open the software Ccleaner = > select the tool tab = > startup = > disable applications that are not too important.

Then, you can also uninstall obscure programs that are on your computer through the control panel. Click Windows, click Control Panel, click uninstall program, and then select unused program to uninstall.

3. Computer specifications are lower than the specifications required by the application

If your computer can already work smoothly but when playing your computer games feels very heavy and slow, it means that the game you run requires even higher specifications. Try to look at the game's 'system requirement' so you can compare it with the capabilities of your computer.

Computer specifications are too old school This is the most common case. The specifications of the computer you use need to be upgraded so that the computer can run smoothly. 

Try your computer already uses a dual core processor and ram of at least 2GB. 

4. Damage to computer components

How to Overcome a Laptop or Computer Slow and Its Causes

Your computer can slow down in performance if there is damage to computer components, for example on hard drives. Hard drive is the most sensitive component. 

An example is a bad sector hard drive. Your computer will run very slowly in the event of damage like this. The solution is to replace it with a new hard drive.

5. Because of the virus

Make it a habit to always update your antivirus database to avoid virus attacks that can slow down your computer's performance.

That's a bit of a way to deal with a slow-running laptop or computer. Please take good care of your computer, clean the components, do not install any software, update antivirus periodically, upgrade computer components with better components. That way your computer will work optimally and not slow anymore.

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