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Blogs are ' other versions ' of the Web, usually more personal but not limited to a particular scope. This means that the blog can discuss anything, be flexible and be a non-formal place to share information. Blog is not expensive, Buddy Trenogoers who want to make a free blog, can Kok, want to know how? Try following this beginner's guide.

In this week's beginner guide we will be guided buddy who wants to have a free blog from Without further ado, let's go straight to the first step.


Go to webpage, you will find the page with view as below screenshot shown. If you already have a Google account, please login directly by entering your email address and password in the box provided. If not, please click Create an Account first.

Fill in the requested data and information and click the Next Step button, confirm as required, verify that you usually ask your phone number, just follow the procedure to complete.

Next go back to and login with the account you just created.
When successful go to find the new Blog menu and click on it. This step has already entered the blog creation stage.

How to create a free blog

Fill the title with any title according to the concept of the blog you want to create, then enter the blog address that will be the destination of the visitors. Choose a name that is memorable and as interesting as possible. Then choose the template available in that column, and close it by clicking Create Blog!

Finished! Your blog has been successfully created, click on your blog title to access the dashboard separately.

Now your new blog needs an article, can be anything, maybe one two broken words to greet visitors who come to your first blog. How to click the new Entry button.

On this page you can fill out the blog with any content as long as it is in the predefined rules. Never create an email message or Facebook, almost the same but in Blogger.comyour content will open and be read by millions of people around the world, so make sure the content or articles you write are beneficial for visitors.
Create interesting articles, you can also add images inside the article for more vivid. Take a look at the menus above the article box on the page, I'm sure you can easily understand what the usability of each key is. Practices makes perfect! So, please take a long time on your dashboardblog to make it more quick to understand.

When you're done click the Publish button and you'll be sent to a Content list page like this. To see your writing results, click View Blog.

Here's the result of the blog we just created, easy is not it?

The guide to How to create a free blog on the new platform above is still far from perfect, there are many tools and options that we have not discussed. But don't worry, TRL will continue to provide other beginner guides that are no less fun. Good luck and congratulations yes to his new blog.

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