5 Online Enterprises without capital, profit millions Dollar

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Online business is now easier for people to do. Minimal capital, a lot of business options are the reason. Wondering what online business want? Here are some inspiration you can make a reference.

The growing age and technology make online businesses more and more.
Why are online businesses increasingly interested?

There are some things that are actually reasons, namely:

  • Can be done anywhere
  • Low capital
  • Guaranteed Profitable
  • Believe it or not, you can get 3-fold or even more profit!

Then how to become an online entrepreneur? Simple just actually.

Previously you only needed:

  • Willingness
  • Internet connection
  • This online business also doesn't require you to go anywhere.

In other words...

There are many online businesses that can be done at home.

Who doesn't want to?

Dwell at home, turn on the internet, and can earn great money.

Here's the named relaxing work!

Try to choose one of the online business ideas without the following capital:

1. Reseller or Dropshipper, a promising home Online business
Online business

What is a reseller or dropshipper?


Reseller is someone who sells other people's products.

Then, a dropshipper is someone who sells another person's stuff, but uses his/her personal name.

If anyone asks what online businesses are best selling?

Arguably this is the most desirable and easy to do option

You don't have to bother thinking about business concepts or even creating products.

Just do this:

  • Find items to sell
  • Create an account on a sales site
  • Create a social media account
  • Promote the products you sell
  • Guaranteed this business will not harm!


First, no need to move the business concept.

Secondly, no need to bother looking for products.

Third, can sell the product with a certain price difference.


You will benefit only by marketing the products.

No need to fear the loss because you can buy products to the main seller when booking.

One thing to be sure:

The products sold are quality.

It is also advisable to have many online sales accounts.

This will make potential buyers can easily find your products.

2. Freelance writers, can be hundreds of thousands Per article
Online business

Can't wait to blog crowded visitors?

You can become a freelance writer.
This online business is fairly popular, Lho!


Now there are many new sites and certainly need a lot of content articles.
These articles are required to:
Making the site easy to find in Internet search engines.

Although it is considered easy...
In fact, not everyone can make good writing content.
Unfortunately, not everyone pays a freelance writer at a high cost.
If you are still a beginner...
Very reasonable if paid with a low nominal.


If you are already experts in the field, money hundreds of thousands of rupiah per article can enter the bag.

You need to know:
English-language articles will be paid more expensive than Indonesian-language articles.
The longer the article, the bigger the payout will be.

For starters...

You can create an account on multiple websites specifically for freelancers. Oh, yes, you should also attach some examples of writing while offering yourself as a freelance writer. This will make it easy for potential clients to consider and you also have additional selling values.

3. Sell graphic design services, make millions of Rupiah only by sitting at home
Online business

Do you have the ability to design?

Let's be utilized!
The development of the era also made many parties need graphic design services.
Special for those of you who are still beginners:
Keep practicing to design to improve quality and add portfolio.
Online Business Without this capital you can do at home.

Don't be considered trivial!
A design can be very expensive...
Especially if you are already a professional designer.
At least hundreds of thousands of rupiah or even millions of rupiah can be entered into your pocket for each design.

For those of you who are in college graphic design...
It might be possible to start looking freelance since college.


Of course this will add "flying clock", so the ability and the selling value will be high.
If you've felt confident and have a professional design...
Join some of the service provider's marketplace.
What are the benefits?

Your chance to receive a design project from inside and outside the country will be a lot.

One important thing:
Don't overpick the project when you're just starting. If you are already a member. It could be that you advertise online course services for graphic design.

4. Online business to dozens of times with so bloggers, want to try?
Online business

Well, this online business is suitable for you who really like storytelling.

If you like the story of Diary, it is time to switch Internet use.
You could make your own blog or even a special website.

Believe it or not...

This one home business is very profitable!
why can? ' Is it just writings?

EITs... Don't get me wrong!

You can earn a lot of money just by writing.

When having your own blog, you can:
  • Advertise online through Google Adsense, or
  • Selling Review services
  • Surely these two things you can do if:

The blog age is long and actively populated by a variety of content.


You can install ads using Google Adsense.
If initially rejected, do not give up to try again.
Wondering how to start?

The first thing to do is determine the concept of the blog.
Approximately what topics you will write.
Surely more and more blogs, it will be more profitable.
Don't forget to keep track and update, yes!

5. Foreign language experts? So translator only!
Online business

Many companies need a person with foreign language proficiency.

This is due to:
Many companies cooperate with foreign companies.


Many documents need to be translated.
In fact, many companies do not have full-time translators.
Of course, here's your chance!
As a beginner translator, you can search for small projects on the Internet.


You can offer your friends or relatives a service first.
At least this could be a portfolio of materials at a later date.
The more quality portfolios, the more wide-open opportunities will be.
In addition can be done at home...

This work will also not be too much time consuming you, so it can be done in spare time.

Absolutely no capital!
You only need to have a foreign language proficiency.

After that...

Simply offer or advertise the services of translators on the Internet.
Easy ' right?

Well that's 5 online business that can generate money millions of rupiah. Hopefully useful for job seekers.

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