10 Business Photography Ideas

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Have a photography hobby? Instead of just photographing here, you can try to make the hobby one of the additional sources of income.

10 Business Photography Ideas

Here are at least 10 business ideas in the field of photography, which you can practice to earn from a hobby of photographing.

1. Wedding and Prewedding Photography

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Photographing wedding or prewedding is often the stepping stone of most photographers to plunge into the professional world. Interestingly, the need for this wedding photo service is always there and rarely shrinking.

Although most people already have a camera, but the need for professional services to capture this precious once in a lifetime moment is always a glance.
Emua people would want their wedding moments to perform best to be remembered until the old day. Therefore, for you photographers who are serious about exploring ' science ', this is an opportunity for you to add to the purse of a hobby that is worth a try.

2. Photographing for company Profile

This is one of the photography business opportunities that can make your pockets thick, just imagine your client is a national top companies even international.

Obviously to be able to penetrate the photography business market, you should have your own portfolio that is capable, besides you also have to be observant in building connections with consumers and prospective customers later.

The ability of a photographer to communicate his work is an important factor here,

3. Photographing Models for magazines

Pictured not from a hobby of photographing a model, suddenly you were invited to photograph for a magazine or an event organizer? So exercise your skill if you like it with model photos. 

Who knows you are the official photographic photographer Elle Magazine, Kan cool tuh, or you can also publish magazines themselves, do not need a print edition, anyway now a PDF version of a magazine is also popular read many people.

4. Food Photography Service

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The more restaurants and eateries you open, giving you a chance to have a hobby of photography, which is photographing food for a restaurant client.

Food why photographed? Hehe There may be some who ask that way, whereas nowadays food photography business has been very mushed.

People can easily photograph food in front of it with a mobile phone or a DSLR, but presenting photos of food with high quality and well worth on display on the official website or the restaurant menu list is not that simple.

Various lighting techniques and unique compositions to make them look delicious, a photographer should think of when photographing food.

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5. Photographing Still Photo for commercial advertising

Sure you know what a still photo is. This type of photography that shoots dead objects to look cool is widely used in various advertising posters or even billboards and billboards.

Somewhat similar to a food photographer, the difference to the food was, of course the objects that are photographed only limited to food, while for a commercial still life you can photograph anything. Starting from the bottle of drugs, you want to perform a more fierce motor.

6. Photobooth? It can also

One more for you who have a little excess capital. Currently, Photobooth services are the same with a wedding photo services (hence often made package yes).

For those who may not be familiar, photobooth is the concept of printed live Photo studio that is used as a souvenir in events, usually weddings or other official events.

More and more people are choosing to make souvenirs in the form of photographs rather than having to be busy providing souvenirs in the form of other objects.

Also, remember, if this photobooth is not only a marriage or some kind. If you are already famous enough, you may be asked to serve photobooth at the official event of the agencies.

Some of the things that are important for you to provide in addition to the general photographic equipment (camera, flash etc.), you should certainly prepare a photo print printer equipment at a fast speed, to serve the photo prints of the existing guests.

7. Sell Photos Online

Source: Envira Gallery
Especially for this photography business idea may be more suitable for those of you who want to have passive income from your photographs.

Rather than being praised only – praise your friends on social media (plus some of the sales of skin whitening comments etc hehe), try to offer it to consumers or people in need.

There are many people who are looking for high quality photos to reuse, whether they are on the blog or on news sites. In this case consumers buy a photo license from you, meaning that once purchased they are free to use them on their site or on their media.

Obviously different photo-selling sites, as well as term of Servicenya. Please read the terms and conditions in advance for more clarity.

There are many photo sites that offer opportunities for you to sell photos online, for example 500px.com, Shutterstock.com and many more.

But remember, photographs that are glance at consumers besides high-quality photos, are usually the kind of photos that ' fit ' with their needs.

For example, you can peek at some news sites and see the photos displayed. Usually if it is not the original photo of the journalist, there are also photographs that are used as illustrations, such photos are the potential to ' practice ' larger.

Certainly do not close the possibility of other types of photos can also sell ya.

8. Create a photography course

This photography business opportunity is suitable for you who already expert in the field of photography, even if you also at least have the ability to share that knowledge with others.

Although someone mastered the field of photography, he was not necessarily able to teach others the things he mastered earlier.

Therefore, if you feel able and want to share with others, you can try the idea of this business.

There are many people who are less able to understand if only read tuturial or photography tips on the Internet, usually they are more able to understand if guided directly.

This is where the opportunity for you to become a tutor through the photography course you created earlier.

9. Make Online photography tutorials such as Blog/Video

Source: Petapixel
Still feeling less pede to perform teaching live? Or do not have capital in the form of business and so on? In today's modern era it should be no longer a problem.

With advances in technology and Internet connection you can create photography courses or online photography tutorials!

By creating your own video recordings, or creating articles on the blog and such you can already create your own photography course media.

Amazingly, video tutorials or article ebooks that you create, you can zoom as much as needed to be channeled to each person who is interested (read: Pay).

If you want to share it for free, you can also benefit from other ways, such as selling affiliate products or from AD serving.

10. Buying and selling used Gear photography

This business opportunity is suitable for you who do have the ability to sell. Let's take a look at some of the forums and photography groups on social media, there are so many forums and groups that are prioritizing the sale and purchase of used gear.

Remember, not everyone has the ability to buy a red bracelet lens whose new price can be five months salary, there are some people who are special to target a used lens.

This is where you can profit by selling used photographic equipment, which you can get from friends, acquaintances or even those you bought yourself in first.

The FB
One of the Facebook buy and sell page views

Some of the advantages for a photographer in the business of buying and selling photographic equipment, among others, you master the use of the tools you sell, so when asked for sorts of things you can easily answer.

In addition, you also master the condition of a lens or camera that is still good and worthy to be sold and profitable.

But remember, in terms of buying and selling used items, especially photography tools, be honest with your prospective buyers.

If the goods sold have a deficiency or disability, you must notify from scratch.

If your buyer is disappointed or feel lied to, Wah is ready to get a compound or most severe negative promotion from consumers because it is not reliable anymore.

This also applies to all of the business ideas or photography business opportunities already mentioned above, keeping the satisfaction and trust of buyers or consumers is a key success in doing business, in any field as well as including photography.


Thus 10 photography business ideas for you who want to make this hobby, as a source of income or income.

If you have experience with these types of businesses above or have additional ideas, don't hesitate to write them in the Comments field.

Do not forget to also share this article with other friends via the share button below. Thank you for reading.

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